Changes in the look of your skin in the winters in not abnormal but you can definitely get away with the skin irritation and the dryness that makes you feel depressed while looking at yourself in the mirror.

It is important to take good care of your skin as one takes care of the body and mind. Like our body our skin needs good and different kind of nutrition’s to look healthy and active. It is necessary to pamper your skin the way you pamper your self or your body.

When the skin is dry, it is easy to feel as you can feel the roughness, itching, severe redness, peeling and ascending. Sometimes, the pores are less visible which can make the skin look dull and the complete look might be depressing. Skin of hands might bleed or even crack on the hand, fingertip or face.

The reason behind this happening could be because of the sun exposure of the dry skin. Dehydration could also be one of the reasons.

Solutions for a dry and dull skin:

Using a humidifier specially when its winters helps the skin get good oxygen and tends to breadth in a way. At home the environment is dry and windows are closed makes the surroundings dry and lethargic. It is important that the beddings used are cotton and silk. Fabric of the beddings is important as it reflects to your skin. Therefore, it is suitable if natural and low colors are used and should be clean and tidy.

We all should remember always that when our body adopts a lot of things from the environment, to feel fresh and glowing it is important that we have an healthy environment.

Skinade is one of the most natural supplements used to make your skin glow and make you look beautiful.

Natural ways are always better to make skin glow and become marks free. Although, everyone’s skin changes with age, it is scientifically proven that a man’s skin tends to stay even moister for a longer period of time than that of a women.


A very important part where we cannot compromise is our skin definitely. It is essential that we don’t look at money and buy the best products for our skin. Just because a cream or a moisturizer looks attractive we shouldn’t buy it. This is absolutely wrong and this rule should be certainly out of your books forever.

Having a good skin definitely depends upon the food we intake and also the creams that we use. Good lotions always have a positive response to our skin. We intend to become fairer and our skin glows day by day.

Skinade that is 100% natural and free from side affects no matter whoever uses it.

Eating a healthy diet means that we can eat all the nutritious food that is good for us. Like, food is important for our mind it is the same way that our skin needs all the fresh antioxidants that are important for it.

For-example, eating only carrots can not change your skin but having a plate full of rainbow colors that is having different kinds of vegetables can definitely bring a drastic change in the look of your skin.

Water also plays a vital role apart from all the diet that we are taking. Water flushes out most of the detoxings that reflects it on the skin by making it clean and clear. 8 to 9 glasses a day of water does not only keeps your body fresh but only makes our skin look healthy and young. Zeta White

Plants (A natural source):

Natural plants play a vital role too. They behave like air filters to our skin. It is essential to get the sunrays too but in a very less manner, as vitamin D is important to our health and skin as well.

Morning sun remains important as nothing can beat the nature. The vitamin D that we get cannot be replaced from any unnatural ingredient.

It can help if a plant is grown on your working desk so that the air filter work is done automatically rather than always going out to get the air filters.


Reversing age is what we all wish for. Looking young and beautiful is now very easy if we eat the right food with the right nutrients. Nutrients help the cell replicate and have more energy. Antioxidants are very essential for our healthy and glowing skin as they are very strong in fighting diseases and it is also an anti aging by reducing the damage and inflammation. Wrinkles are again an issue that we ladies face. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of wrinkles.

Therefore it is essential to have some of the best sources of antioxidants that may help us in getting rid of such issues.

Blueberries, Pomegranates, Goji berries, spinach, nuts, seeds etc. These are only some of the fruits and vegetables those are rich in antioxidants.

Skinade is one of the most leading supplements that is in the latest form to get a glowing, acne free and anti aging skin.

Lotions do play an important role in our lives as discussed above but only if we choose the right lotion for our skin.

High levels of stress can also cause damage to the skin. To make your self-fit physically we go for workouts in the same way yoga and meditation is important for a glowing skin. The relaxing environment automatically makes you glowing and happy which shows on your skin. It is important that we eliminate people who are problematic and even the activities that are stressful. To decrease stress we also need to have good sleep that will definitely make a difference.

Therefore if we follow all the tips perfectly we can definitely make a change in our skin and get our dreams come true by looking like any other model or actresses that we love or wish to become.