If you want to throw a stag party for one of your buddy, you should make sure that it is a night to remember since it is the last night of his single life. To make it even more memorable, try to make a stag party t-shirt printing which will be used in the party. With this self design shirt, you will be able to show your effort in making the stag party for your friend. Here are the things that you need to do if you want to create the best stag party t shirt design online.

Guide to make a stag party t-shirt printing

  1. Choose a theme

To make things easier when you want to design your own t shirt, then you might want to choose a theme first. There are a lot of themes that you can use for the stag party such as superhero, pirate, smurf, gangster, start wars, retro and many others.

  1. Choose t shirt style

T shirt printing Singapore usually provides a lot of t shirt style that you can use for your stag party. That is why you can choose any style that you want which suit the theme that you have made before. You should also choose a style that is comfortable to use on the stag party since you may do many activities thus it should be comfortable to be used during those activities.

  1. Choose the color

To make your stag party fun, then you should try to choose fun t shirt printing color. You basically can use any color that you want for the t shirt but it is better to use bright color which will make the t shirt appear more fun. Remember to ask the t shirt maker about the sizing of the t shirt that they have because sometimes they do not have big size for several t shirt style. Surely you want everyone to be able to wear the t shirt, thus you should ask first if the size is available before making the design.

  1. Collect fun photo

Another idea is to use is fun or embarrassing photo of each person to be printed into the t shirt. You can ask around or dig old picture that you have for each person then scan and print it into the t shirt. This will surely make the t shirt more personal and you do not even need to create any other design since it is already good.

  1. Put nickname

Customized t shirt will be more fun if you put each person nickname into the t shirt that they wear. This will make the t shirt even more personal thus everyone will be interested to wear them.

  1. Sizing

As the t shirt creator,make sure you ask about everyone sizing before ordering to make sure everyone gets the right size for their stag party t shirt.

After you are ready with your design, now you can order your stag party t-shirt printing which will be used in the party.


Description: Try to make a stag party t-shirt printing which will be used in the party so it will make the party more fun, learn how to make the t shirt in our guide here.