Virtual reality or short for VR is becoming the most popular thing of the era. There was a time when people used to play games on the streets, then we started playing games on handheld monochrome gaming devices, then we came to saga players, computer games, standardized mobile games and then finally we came to play stations and then to kinetic games and now we have the ultimate virtual reality games. 

When play stations and kinetic games arrived, we thought this the best thing that could happen to a game and when virtual reality games and apps arrived, at some point, people got scared as well because it was too real to deal. You can contact different virtual reality development companies.

Since it has so many advantages and it is hours of entertainment but still it is hard to believe that there are different challenges of it as well. And the first challenge is the cost of it, some businesses who want to add virtual reality in their business but they cannot and feel heavy heart because this is a very expensive thing to add. 

This is powered by different engineer, coders and programs and algorithm makers who need at least one or two years to make a fully functioned app or a game and some even require millions or dollars of investment and it is not a job of a single person, this is done by a team of people at least 15 to 20 people work in a mega project. You can get apps of augmented reality in UAE.

Then there is the size of the software and hardware. You must have seen the virtual reality experiencing goggles. Believe it or not, these goggles worth thousands of dollars, and these hardware are not so durable as well, one small blow and they are destroyed completely. And it is difficult to carry it as well, the size of these goggles requires an extra bag to carry it and it gets uncomfortable at a certain period of time. 

Then there is the software, if you are playing a virtual reality game, you will need to get a phone that supports such a heavy game. And such big games sometimes destroy the phone’s memory because hundreds of files get downloaded in the phone as well.