Facts about your solar energy home

Here are five interesting facts about solar power to debunk the common myths about this technology.

1 – Solar energy has multiple uses

The misconception that solar power is only suitable for powering small appliances is not true. It can work with things like heating, cooking, lighting, powering major appliances and pretty much everything else. In places that receive lots of sunshine all year-round, using the right technology, it is possible to tap massive amounts of solar energy.

2 – Solar energy can substitute mains electricity

The perception that solar power can only complement mains electricity and cannot substitute it is true in parts of the world which receive limited amount of sunshine, but in the tropical parts of the world, solar energy can actually substitute mains electricity. It can be distributed using a house wiring system installed by a reliable solar energy company in Dubai to do everything similar to mains electricity.

Even in parts which receive limited amounts of sunshine, there are scenarios where there is a lot of sunshine during the summer and with the right technology, it is possible to use the power of the sun to substitute normal electricity completely.

3 – Solar energy can actually be stored

Another misconception that solar energy can only be used during the day, when the sun shines was probably developed during the earliest days. The current truth is that it is possible to tap massive amounts of solar energy during the day and store such energy in batteries for use when the sun sets at night. The future predictions are that with the use of right type of batteries, this solar energy can even be stored for weeks or months.

4 – Tapping solar energy doesn’t need to be a very costly undertaking

Many people seem to have this misplaced belief that using solar power isn’t economical as it costs too much to tap. However, the technology through which solar energy is tapped has now been falling in price, to a level which is affordable to many. Of course, the initial investment may look a bit costly but it is worth-while in the long run as you stand a chance to free yourself from electricity bills or at least, to cut back on these bills significantly.

5- Solar energy is reliable

Many people seem to have believed in the myth that solar power is still unreliable as it was in the earliest days. However, with the advent of several solar energy companies in UAE and the advances in clean energy technology have made this energy very reliably tapped, distributed and used within the domestic setting.

Moreover, main electricity grids are subject to outages, which is not the case with solar power. Hence it is reliable in every aspect.