To excel in flower shop delivery throughout Abu Dhabi, a floristry business needs to focus on quality of delivering flowers. Before getting into the details of robots role in delivering flowers, there is a need to understand the reason of needing robots. Such an initiative should make online flower delivery smoother throughout Abu Dhabi.

Untrained staff: Florist do  not  fit into the category of “untrained staff”, for centuries florists have done an amazing job of cutting live or dried flowers and then pack them in a precise manner. Such is their contribution towards the floristry industry flourishing till date. Problems arise when the shop hires ill trained individuals handling the delivering process. Such a staff could make number of errors while delivering flowers. It can be more costly when it comes to sending flowers to a major event such as weddings. Such a staff is capable of placing flowers in a careless manner and the next thing that happens is they collapse in the vehicle on the way to the final destination. To make matters worse, customers are left fuming with the presentation of boutiques in weddings. This all points to lack of professionalism.

Introducing robots: Abu Dhabi should take cue from a startup company in California(USA) who as of recent times had started a pilot program to deliver boutiques of various kinds electronically on “mother’s day”. It is pertinent to mention that this initiative is still in its initial phase which till date has to be managed by a human. Such kind of a robot will need to be legally cleared by relevant authorities as it needs to go through a series of tests to know all the routes within Abu Dhabi.

On the run: Once the robot has cleared the initial stage, it should serve as a game changer to phase out untrained staff. This is not to imply that the robot will completely take over the floristry industry as the existing team of florists are still needed for cutting the flowers and then have them arranged. Most importantly a back up team is needed in case the robot/robots malfunctions. Lastly the robot/robots in any case has to be handled by a human as it would be working through an application, remote control and so on.