Key Things to Consider Before Taking Your Car to the Workshop

Before taking your luxury car to the BMW workshop in Dubai Al Quoz, you should consider several key factors. It is best to choose a car repair shop that warranties their services and parts. Also, you should always get a detailed itemized invoice and make sure to specify what should be repaired, re-installed, or removed. You should also make sure that the mechanic keeps old parts and asks them to recycle them as appropriate.

Check the interval between oil changes:

Before getting your car repaired, it is important to check the interval between oil changes. Most cars have an oil change interval of 10,000 kilometres. If the mechanic insists on changing the oil more frequently than this, you should be wary. Moreover, it is advisable to clarify any terms the mechanic uses, which may confuse the customer. The best way to communicate this is to ask the mechanic to explain the recommended service.

The workshop should have good power:

The building should be deep enough to safely back the hoist inside the building. The office and reception areas should be comfortable and clean. There should be a water fountain in the reception and a lunchroom. Mechanics also need good natural lighting to be able to inspect the car. It helps them to see fluid leaks and other underlying faults more easily.

Be sure they have the proper equipment:

The mechanic’s shop should have the proper equipment. The mechanic should be able to test cars with the help of a test rig and a hoist. The workshop should also have a comfortable reception area and a lunchroom. The shop should also have a good natural light source. This will help the mechanics to identify stains and underlying faults easily. A good natural light source will also give them a clear idea of the problems.

Be sure they have a deep enough parking space:

The workshop should have a deep enough parking space. It should also have a well-lit lunch room and reception area. The office should be clean and comfortable and have a water fountain. The mechanic should also have a well-lit and comfortable working area. A mechanic should not be using a gimmick. He should clearly explain the necessary service and its purpose, whether it is a brake adjustment or a cooling system flush.