Engineering firms will be eager to hire a good consultant because they need them in their daily routine. If the firm is small then it can work without hiring a consultant permanently but bigger firms should hire one. People who have done mechanical engineering in Dubai and then they have interest in becoming a consultant have more chances to get hired as they know about different fields of engineering more than any other kind of engineer. To know more qualifications which you need to check in a consultant, you can click to read here:

Qualification: A consultant is a full trained engineer along with some additional courses in this field. They need to know about the courses about team leading, behavior building and assisting abilities also they need to read more about what a consultant actually does during the job. You need to ask them relevant question while hiring or you can take a written test from them on order to get the most suitable person for your firm.

Experience: When you are going to hire a consultant then make sure not hire a new engineer or consultant who does not have any experience in this field. They can get experience through working with their seniors or in bigger firms as internees and you can count it as experience because experience comes with working and assisting others. Consultant should know how to assist others and they will get to know about it only when they get assisted by others at the starting point of their career.

Certificates: A degree of engineering is a must to hire a consultant but additional certificates will be better because the more certificates a candidate has the more he know about the field. Knowledge increases their vision and they become more detailed oriented and this ability is the heart of this profession. A person who fails to give attention to details will never be able to find the exact problem nor will he solve that because of unawareness of the tiny details. With every certificate course they need to have some field work in that course otherwise they will not get the certificate and it will increase their exposure to problems which in return make them able to solve them quickly. You should also provide opportunity to your employees for getting new knowledge with providing courses.