There are a lot of things we see around us and we get information in many sources. We get to know about the news only after that it goes through the proper channel. Sharjah local news channel is trying to provide the most authentic news to their viewers by getting the information through the reliable sources. If a channel does not do that, then people will stop relying on that. There is also available news on expo 2020 to make people aware of their surroundings. There are several reasons that make an ordinary piece of information in to news for the people and some of them are as below:

Impact: When there is a piece of information with a greater impact to the society then it will become the breaking news for the viewers like the sudden change in the global atmosphere, extreme heat and extreme cold has a greater impact on the lives of human beings so people will watch that with great interest and they need to have solution for this as well. If a channel is just giving the news about climate change and the other is also providing the measures to prevent these changes, then the other channel will get more rating and more viewers as compared to the first one.

Conflict: Conflict is another source of news because when there is a conflict between people or parties then it will get a great importance. This conflict can be of any type and about any local thing. When there are intense arguments and quarrels about an issue then it will get highlights on the local news and if it is on the state level then the news will go to the entire world. When there are shouts and walk outs in the board room then it will get more interest of stake holders than the project that will passed without any conflict. So the base need for information to become news is the presence of conflict. When there is a conflict in a decision then it will give a thrilling effect to the people who will be affected by the decision otherwise people will find that decision boring and dull and they don’t even give that decision the importance which it deserves only due to lack of conflict.