Let’s be real for a sec, we have all been through the different struggles of starting a diet and then loosing horribly. We just can’t seem to stick to diet food Dubai and even if we do, it just somehow doesn’t work. But here’s a way to actually make it work this time. Keep on reading to find the things that one should know before going off on a diet to make it more effective at all costs.

  • Timing meals actually matters

You must have heard this a thousand times that one should not skip a meal or divide it into 5 portions to be healthier and may think this is all a bit overrated. When in reality this is exactly the right thing to do. When you set your body’s biological clock to have breakfast early in the morning and skip late night junk, your body itself will then refuse to have something out of its clock. So always have meals on time.

  • Make your breakfast game strong

Everyone keeps telling you to have a filling breakfast but how do you make yourself have it when you have been used to having a black coffee in the name of breakfast for the longest time? Well, something extremely helpful here would be if you start making your breakfast game strong and get a hang of it before you start dieting. This will make the process a lot easier. Keep the breakfast full of proteins and vitamins, especially fruits as apples etc.

  • Small plate doesn’t help at all

Contrary to the popular belief, using smaller plate for smaller portions is not really helpful. One would think that using a small plate would fool them to have smaller portions, when in reality when you are very hungry, it can become quite difficult to hold yourself back and because the plate is smaller, you may think you have had less food and thus end up eating more. So, avoid small plate and control your portions yourself.

  • Avoid candies munch on carrots

One should avoid candies at all costs and we don’t need to explain why. But instead satisfy your cravings with carrots because they are the right amount of crunchiness and juiciness which one needs to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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