Ballet is a beautiful art which is performed by people who work, day and night to perfect their strokes and postures. It is certainly not easy to be part of ballet classes in Dubai and not feel frustrated to leave it as is. Those who do end up performing even after so many struggles need to be appreciated. If you are an emerging ballet dancer then these tips will surely come in handy for you:

  • Always look ahead

One of the biggest mistakes that ballerina often do is that when they are just emerging, they keep looking back at the memories and reminisce the part when they first got into it. There is nothing wrong in doing that but there are often negative memories associated with it which pulls them down. Which is why the first tip is to always look ahead for the opportunities that wait and forget all the dread and pain.

  • You can’t snap fingers and become famous

This is a tip which can be said for almost every profession. There is no magic which happens, you can’t snap your fingers and become famous or make people like you, you must work hard to reach that position. Put in your days and nights and you will see that after a while the results will be visible. Don’t get disheartened if it isn’t happening right now, after a while it will surely happen, and you will be appreciated and known for your art.

  • Practice through images

Ballet dance is very similar to yoga which provides you calmness and relaxes the body. Keeping that in mind, sometimes you try to copy yoga positions in your mind and then later actually work it all out physically. This is exactly how you should work on ballet moves. Try to copy them in your head after looking at videos and images and then work through it.

  • Take on criticism with open arms

Criticism is something which you must always accept. This is the best way to know and learn where you are wrong and where correction is needed. Every teacher have their own way of giving it, some would be harsh and ask you to repeat the steps again and again while others would be very sweet with their response, whichever it is, make sure you are channeling it in a positive manner for your own improvement.

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