Customer is the person who will provide business and you earn from that so you need to take care of their likes and dislikes while taking order from them. You need to be a good listener and get all the details from them before you start working on their project. You need to impress your customers with your quality work and good behavior because these are the only ways to retain a customer and get more business from it. When customers order birthday cake online in Dubai then you need to do these things in order to impress your customers who order dessert online in Dubai

Early delivery: You need to deliver early from time but not from the date. If the order is for the 2nd of a month at 4pm then you need to deliver the same day at the 2pm. In this way your customer will get the positive view of your services because you save them from the last minute tension. You need to send your rider earlier because there is no way to tell about the traffic condition or any other hindrance on the way.

Emergency kit: When you are providing a bigger cake for an event then it is better to go with the cake and ensure the safe delivery of the cake. On your way to go with the delivery you need to have your emergency cake tool kit because you might need to fix your cake when you arrive at the function. Bigger cakes are difficult to handle, get ruined from the sides so you need to have your kit with you and fix the ruined parts quickly. Some bakers are against this as they say you need to take care of delivery process but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Publicity: When you go to any function then you need to get along with your business card in order to give it to more people at the function and make them your potential customers. You do not need to give your card to every guest but select a few who take interest in your work and give them who ask about the baker. You can also place your brand name at the bottom of the cake or at the cake base so that it will be visible in pictures.