The field of accounts is not limited to bachelors and BBA. Many other certifications can boost career and provide you bundles of opportunities to grow professionally and financially. Scroll down what degrees are there except ACCA in Abu Dhabi!

  1. Certified Public Accountant:
    Certified Public Accountant or CPA is the most common certification in accounts and finance that employees need to get the top accounting positions in numerous companies. The degrees include the courses of risk management, taxes, forensic accounting and others. Students need to have experience of a year to get a CPA license.
  2. Certified Financial Analyst:
    It is another common certifications that finance officers need to build knowledge about economics, investment analysis, ethical standards and professional standards. A student needs to have four years of experience in finances and a bachelor’s degree to meet education and experience requirement of the degree.  
  3. Certified Management Accountant:
    Certified Management Accountant or CMA is one of the most recognized certifications in accounts and finance that is an amalgamation of financial management, decision analysis, risk management, professional ethics, internal auditing, financial analysis and many others. A student needs to have a Bachelor’s degree to meet the education requirement of CMA. There are the best CMA training institutes in Dubai that prepare you for Part I and Part II.
  4. Enrolled Agent:
    Enrolled Agent or EA are government employees who work on taxes and auditing. A person has to IRS’S EA exam to get the license. The exam is 12 hours long. It has three parts. An EA prepares business and personal taxes and guides them about it. He or she remains in contact with the IRS to solve matters of personal and business tax audits of the citizens of the state.
  5. Certified Internal Auditor:
    As the name suggests, a certified internal auditor has to manage internal and external audits and clients. They can play an important part in information technology, risk management and control. A person needs to have a bachelor’s degree and two years of experience in internal audit to give exams of CIA.
  6. Certified Financial Services Auditor: This certification is made for employees and people who want to work in banks, loan services, financial service organizations and insurance companies. A person needs to have an experience of two years in auditing to gives exams of CFSA. The Institute of Internal Auditors offer certifications of CFSA.   

So, these are the top six certifications in accounts and finance. You can give exams of any of them to get the desired job.