The Hollywood smile dental clinic should do some thinking out of the box in order to increase its already large customer base. The clinic cannot just stick to its existing resources which soon would be outdated over the course of years. 

Accepting flaws: A clinic should accept that things can go wrong in the clinic. Factually it is impossible for even the best dentist to perform the most complex surgical procedures for instance trying to get a good look at the corner of the mouth of a patient. Then there are those kind of errors that are caused due to inexperience of the dentist for instance scaling the customer’s teeth in a irresponsible manner. It could be that an asthmatic patient needed breaks but the dentist still continues to work and this shows lack of professionalism.

Minimize human errors: Keeping in mind that automation is taking place in pretty much every institution with dentistry being of the top fields projected to be automated. Micro robots is a recent new invention and is still in the initial stages. These robots have the ability to do an amazing job of removing Biofilms that form into plaques over time. Eventually dentists would be able to use robots to assist them in complex surgical procedures. To better explain it the robot would have the ability to plan a dental implant procedure based on the imaging of the patient. From then robot will assist the surgeon by operating on areas out of bounds as per the images. Messy floors and basins occurs due to carelessness of the staff working in the clinic. Getting a robot that mops the floor as well as clean dental tools and equipments can save up time.

Think long term: Investing in new initiatives might seem costly initially but they pay off in the end. Over the years, the clinic gets to improve its reputation and becomes one of its own kind. This should allow the clinic to settle in the healthcare sector without facing any competition for a good period of time. The clinic gets to gain First Mover Advantage. This does not mean the founder of the clinic should sit back and relax rather keep looking for ways to improve otherwise without realizing the clinic will be driven out of competition.

Conclusion: A clinic which is known as “Hikma Medical Center” has the potential to launch new initiatives alongwith its existing structure. In a nutshell the clinic would be upgrading its services. For more information visit