There are a few things which parents need to know when they want to hire a nanny at their home. They need to know that they too have some responsibilities. They are getting someone in their house so they need to take care of them because if they care for them then the employee will care even more about their kids. You can hire a nurse in Dubai when anyone gets sick in the house or for elderly people who cannot be admitted to a hospital. The things which parents need to take heed about are as follows:

Provide necessary equipment: It is you responsibility to provide all the necessary equipment which your kid needs in daily routine. This includes her diapers, washed clothes, powder, baby lotion, baby food, baby blanket etc. You need to provide all these things to your nanny Dubai so she will not have trouble finding things in a stranger’s house. 

Play tools: Parents usually know about the toys with which their kids love to play and don’t get bored. You need to provide those toys and if necessary then tell the instructions about those toys to the nanny. You should also select a part of your house as a play area so that there will be no mess all over the house when you reach back to your kids. If you have toddlers then try to provide some educational toys and books so that they can learn while playing and ask you nanny to make them learn in a fun way.

Space: When you are leaving a stranger in your house with your kid then you need to specify certain space which your nanny can use and provide all the necessities there. If you have a nursery for your kid then you can allow her to be there and use your kitchen and you should lock rest of your house especially where you put your expensive belongings. It is good to trust someone but do not blind trust them.

Security: There are some people who try to enter in to your home in the form of a nanny and then the group will rob your house so if you can afford to have security cameras at your home then it will be better to have them as an additional security of your kids and also to your house.