Invisalign is the set of invisible braces in Dubai which is used to straighten out your teeth for a set period of time which usually ranges from 12-18 months. It is a great idea for people who are considering the idea of alternate invisible braces for the traditional ones. Here are a few tips which you must keep in your mind while getting these:

  • Floss and brush with tooth whitening

Just because it is clear braces this does not mean that you can pass out long durations in the day without brushing in fact flossing also becomes equally important. There are often times when food particles will be stuck between your braces and teeth. So keep brushing with whitening toothpaste to keep your Hollywood smile in Dubai alive and fresh.

  • Follow the 48 hour rule

Aligners will be needed to replace every 2 weeks or so and when this happens, make sure that the first 48 hours you are keeping it intact and safe before removing them and replacing back in. Make sure that you take the timeline under consideration so it can help you with adjusting to the newness.

  • Don’t remove them too often

Yes it is true that invisalign is removable but this does not mean that its removability or durability should be tested. Ideally you must only remove them when you are eating or every 22 hours as this helps with keeping it safe and your teeth as well.

  • Listen to the expert

This is an advice which you must follow in each and every sensitive matter especially in the case of teeth and dental and oral hygiene always contact your dentist first and seek their advice. They are the ones who know what is in your best interest and how it can help you with your braces.

  • Choose speech therapy

Speech slurping is one of those things which frustrate people the most when they first start off with braces. It is natural to have a little tipsy tongue and even though it may go over the time you would still want to consider the option of speech therapy as the exercises included in it can help you a lot with correction of speech in no time.