There are several doctors to treat the infertility but of a person is having problems in their urinary tract too along with the difficulty in their reproduction process then they need to consult an urologist doctor in Dubai as they will help them in treating their problems. They are usually doctors for the infections in the urinary tract and kidney infection. They can also go to the Andrologist in Dubai as they are the experts in male reproductive system. They will treat infertility and other sexual disabilities in male. To know about them that how and why you should consult one of them, you should see this:

Tests: They will do a lot of tests for your problems and then after getting the results they will tell you about your actual problem and then they start treating you. If there comes a problem which is beyond their area of operation then they will refer you to any other doctor who is the expert in this field. If you are not getting the satisfaction form your current doctor then you can go for the second opinion at any time.

Secrecy: Some people hesitate to do to any Andrologist as they will take their problem something that will hurt their self-confidence but you need to know that these doctors will always kept their patients secrets. They do not discuss their problems with any of the relatives of the patient or with any other patient so people should not avoid getting the treatment due to their shyness and hesitation. If they hesitate to go for treatment then they will only make their problem bigger.

Experience: You should go to the doctor who has greater experience especially when you know that your problem is real and intense like the severe erectile dysfunction or sexual problems. These are the things which do not need initial tests as they are visible to the person having them. When a doctor is highly experienced and qualified then he will treat you with more care and he will know about different kinds of abnormalities and their treatments. They also know about the latest researches as they are in to the field for so long that they know they have to keep themselves up dated in order to be in the list of experts.